one of our top technical services would be the floor treatment, depending on the surface type our services covers:

1- Cement Treatment

cement floor surfaces are cheaper in cost, more durable and requires less attention and special cleaning material, making it one of the top choices for many establishments.

there are three main treatments that we provide:

  • Push hammering

were a special tool called the Push hammer is used to give the smooth finish a rough texture making it less prone to scratches plus turning it into an anti-slip surface.

this treatment is convenient for garage entrance areas, and around pools and surfaces that get wet all the time.

  • polishing

like we mentioned before, cement is a cheap alternative to any other type of floor surface, yet its dark color and depressing finished look, that’s were we come in to give it a deep polish that well leave it as shiny and good looking as marble. 

  • paint preparation

in case you wanted to cover up the floor with epoxy and to insure the best results, a deep clean then drying and puffing need to done first, all we provide in reasonable prices.

2- Marble treatment - grinding & polishing - antique - push hammering

marble is a pours stone, in its raw form its a rough dark colored stone.

usually factories polish it before its being sold, yet it doesn’t mean that it’s an intensive polish, were it will only shine and show its real beauty once a proper grind - polish operation is done.

3- Porcelain treatment - grinding & polishing

porcelain is one ceramic types, a great choice since its hard, durable and have a long-life span, plus being stain resistant and it doesn’t absorb water making it a suitable choice for kitchens in general.

after its manufactured it has a dull look to it with a dusty feel, therefore it needs to be grinded and polished to show its shine.

4- Basalt treatment – Grinding & polishing - antiquing - push hammering

Basalt is a volcanic dark stone, use at outdoor decorations and even table and seats making, it could be used a floor cover if you love dark its really dark color, but one of its problems that it shows scratches in a different color which requiring grinding and polishing from time to time. 

5- Wooden surfaces treatment - grinding - antiquing

wooding floors are stunningly beautiful but they require intensive care when it comes to cleaning and maintaining , so you have to know what to use exactly and how safe is it to the surface.

in case your wooden floor was old or even new, but it requires a puff to give it an ultimate shine, or if you want to give it an antique look yet be durable we are the ones to call.

6- Epoxy treatment

Epoxy is a transparent adhesive like paint, which is used to protect surfaces against scratches and damage, yet even the best quality have a life-span, and accidents happen and sometimes it should be removed and reapplied.

a polish from time to time and removal of any oils or fuels would extend that life-span and stop and further damage.