Marble is an amazing looking tile, yet its so sensitive because of its porous nature, which makes it vulnerable to a number of damages such as:

  1. Decaying and damage, specially if an acidic type of liquid is in contact with it, since its corrosive to marble and it will break it down,thus exposing unpolished layer of the stone, which acquires it to be grinded and polished again to stop further damage.
  2. Oils and grease specially in kitchens and bathrooms will get dust and dirt stick to, by time this will dull the shiny look of the marble surface, also using wrong types of detergents and cleaning materiel will cause the same thing.
  3. Do you think you were sold an unpolished marble? well it happens that sometimes factories and redistributors do a minimal polish to the marble in order to save money, which will get u end up with a really dull and unpleasant flooring, and here we come as Lina to give that surface the shine it deserve and that 100% grantee to get your satisfaction.