sand & water blasting are of the fastest most efficient ways for a deep clean for many surfaces, and to go with such method saves a lot of time and effort, were it offer high levels of cleanness.

high pressured water and sand are not only used for regular cleaning, it's used as well to smooth surfaces of remove paint or rust, specially on areas and edges that are hard to reach by hand.

like the name suggests, the compressors compress water to desired level which is controled by the operator and injects different sizes of tiny particles of sand which are then projected to the targeted area were millions of those particles hit the surface polishing that surface one nanometer at a time.

the sand-water blasting mix is not only environmental friendly, it differs from the sand only blasting that will infect nearby areas with a mini sand storm putting people who have allergies in danger, and you to a health hazard violation. 

sand-water blasting and water blasting are great application to a number of things including the cleaning of buildings façade, and here are some:

  • removing graffiti
  • removing rust
  • paint perpetration
  • cleaning garage entrances
  • removing oils and grease stains
  • removing paint

that and many other applications all at your services.