In 1991, three bankers were working as a team in a privately owned bank. They had the same passion for excellence and perfection. As they faced a low quality of cleaning and maintenance services by an initiative to make a change in the quality of services. The initiative converted to be a dream to deploy their ideas in elevating the level of the cleaning services to organizations around Jordan and beyond. They resigned, to be partners instead of colleagues with one dream and the same passion to create Lina Services Company. Now, Lina Services Company in its third decade age and really grew up by a deeply committed to introducing its services with the most efficacious and perfect manner with a diversity of all cleaning and maintenance  services: - Cleaning of all kinds of furniture and flat stones.- Maintaining the metal glass of the frontispiece.- Sterilizing air conditioning and fireplaces ducts.- Drycleaning the carpets and furniture by steam.- Covering all the country with a huge fleet to reach our clients.- Deploying the most modern types of equipment and technologies in cleaning.- Sweeping the floors and street with modern machines and sweepers.- Frontispiece cleaning using different cranes or spider methods. We believe in Commitment to excellence, Nonstop innovation, Clients’ Satisfaction, and Top Confidentiality as the core values of our organization.