We use the latest techniques and technology in the field of Italian refinement, clean, rough, and polishing of marble and terrazzo, granite and concrete floors with a huge hit mechanics productivity in grinding marble and terrazzo to 650 square meters per day and price competition.


In addition to the obvious vertical surfaces and stairs under the supervision of professional staff and collaboration with the Italian company (Klindex)

For more information please visit the website: www.klindex.it or contact us


Cleaning Material and cleaning mechanical parts bio-chem: we use the latest techniques and technology in collaboration with the German company CB chime a company with a full range of cleaning materials high standards and conform to the specifications of the U.S and European economic benefit and a clear, all these are environment –friendly materials it also provides Bio circle system it is environment friendly system for cleaning mechanical parts and recycling of waste within the system.

For more information: Please visit the website www.biocircle.com, www.cb-chemie.de Or contact us