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Lina Est. was founded in 1991 under the leadership of Hussam Al Banna who ventured, established, developed, and managed the business.

Being passionate about excellence he strives for consistent development; upgrading the business, introducing new machinery and products.

Celebrating quarter of a century of success, we came to a belief that the true measurement of success is the ongoing and increasing achievements of our establishment, with increasingly expanding demands in a progressively competitive market.

What we Provide

LINA EST. provides its clients with cleaning service and general maintenance works. As we perform all cleaning services from A to Z for all types of fields and in whatsoever environment adding, general maintenance works. In addition to supplying efficient labor for production lines for carrying and moving works.

Why Us

LINA Est. is just about completing its half a century of age, which gave us a comprehensive experience and enabled us building a rock-solid base through our clients and way of delivering the service. Other than that, LINA EST. has obtained a huge competitive market share all resulted from the professionalism and straightforwardness, sincerity we provide while performing our services.

Our Policy

– Commitment to excellence

– Nonstop innovation

– Clients’ Satisfaction

– Top Confidentiality

Our mission

Trustworthiness and transparency in providing the best service reflecting the best image in the cleaning domain. Furthermore, being distinguished among others away from being typical invariable to enable us delivering up to date service and ideal solutions for all cleaning aspects to contribute in improving the solutions for a global exposure.

Our vision

Expanding our establishment’s base to the reach the entire Arab World targeting for global presence as being distinguished with its impeccable performance and encountering all challenges leading us to conquer top of the pyramid in cleaning field.